The Best Star Wars Videogames

A long time ago, about a galaxy far far away, there were many great videogames. The tentacles of LucasArts have penetrated, as it seems, into all genres of videogames, from pinball to racing simulators. So let’s not focus on the Battlefront series, Knights of the Old Republic, and The Force Unleashed today. Let’s look into some of the best and underrated games about Star Wars. […]

How to Start Making Games

What do you need to become the new Kojima? The answer to this question directly depends on what kind of a game designer do you want to become (although you often don’t have the ability to choose: the choice will be made for you). The first and perhaps the most important skill of a game designer is to understand games and have lots of gaming experience. If you have completed hundreds of different projects and you know what makes a game decent, what makes a game great, and what is needed in order to create the game of the year, then you are on the right track. […]

9 Reasons Why The Xbox One S Is Better Than The PS4 Pro

can you buy Lyrica over the counter SONY AND MICROSOFT have released new consoles in time for Christmas. Both are updated versions of original machines launched in 2013, and each provides varying degrees of change. We could argue about teraflops until we’re blue in the face, but that alone won’t help us in our summing-up. In order for one side to win, we […]

How To Swing A Golf Club

Learn how to swing a golf club by taking a frame-by-frame look at the basic golf swing & the basic positions you need to know Nothing beats going back to basics. In fact, all of the quick tips and band-aids you hear are just clever ways of teaching these time-tested moves. My goal here is […]

Profit With Value Betting

The key to successful sports betting is obtaining value on every bet. Value means getting better than “true” odds on a team. For example, if your objective assessment of the game suggests the underdog should be receiving 3.5 points, but is receiving 6.5 point, then that is a value-betting proposition, also called an “overlay”. Value […]

Make More Birdies Now! 7 Tips to Become a Putting Machine

You read almost every putt, but if you’re like most players, your routine is guesswork disguised as green-reading. That won’t get you close to the hole, let alone “in.” You’re not the only one reading, and weeping, on the greens. A new Golf Magazine study shows that America is massively misjudging the slope under its collective FootJoys, […]

World’s Top Golf Resorts: Train and Play for Your Vacation!

The finest golf resorts in the United States, Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean can be your choice for your next vacation or next dating trip with annadating or similar dating site. Make it a train-and-play golf vacation! So many package deals are available to make your trip much more than a break from your routine. A golf vacation will be a practical experience of improving […]