9 Ways to Get Your Girlfriend Into Gaming

Are you tired of your girlfriend’s grumble when you play video games? Don’t despair, there are many ways to make a girl accept your “addiction” and even to make her love video games too.

1. Be cunning

First of all, I don’t know what type of girl we will be dealing with, but my first advice to break the ice is to take part in what she loves but you absolutely hate (for example, go shopping with her). After that, smiling sincerely, ask her if she can spend time with you doing what you like – just like you just spent time with her doing what she likes.

2. Explain that games aren’t just for kids

Many women haven’t played games since childhood. Therefore, when you tell them that you are playing an online game, they may ask if the game is not childish. Explain to your woman that it is just entertainment and it is quite interesting.

3. Do everything gradually

The main thing to learn from the very beginning is that getting into games should be gradual. It is foolish to assume that you meet a woman on https://bebemur.com/ and immediately interest her with Counter-Strike. Most likely, you will see a complete inability to aim and a general misunderstanding “why am I doing all this at all?” Of course, after such an experience, a woman will have a negative reaction. It is not clear and her boyfriend blushes, looking at how she doesn’t cope with “elementary things”.

4. Interest the girl

Your main goal is to get the girl interested. Yes, it is unrealistically difficult at first glance and it is not clear where to start. First, find out what games the girl has played before. After all, at least, she has played Super Mario. Perhaps she used to play on PS1 and loved certain games madly, maybe she is still playing something on her mobile phone. Most likely, she has many preferences, so get to know them. This will make it much easier to find a game that will interest her.

5. Present it as a new entertainment for spending time together

Remind her that you both play video games, so you can spend even more time together. However, keep in mind that this will be considered “a time for the two of you” only if she really enjoys playing. Don’t try to force her to do this.

6. Play a game as if it is a sports workout

If you have a Wii Fit (Nintendo video sports machine), PlayStation 4, or Xbox One, buy the Just Dance game. A second joystick is not needed. A camera for PS or Kinect is enough. In addition to playing together and competing in dance, you will be spending time with health benefits. Your significant other will love it! And this is +1 more to the desire to play with you.

7. Show her how to operate the game

Take her hands with the joystick in yours and show her how to do the basic steps so she can get started. When you feel that her hands began to move on the buttons themselves, you can give her the opportunity to play herself. Be patient, she will not master the controls instantly.

8. Show understanding and support for her

When a girl is just starting out, tell her that she does everything right, especially if she is frustrated with her skills at first. Make her feel like she can do it. Don’t show any signs of irritation. As she plays, she will start to get better, and the game itself will start to be fun.

9. Tell about interesting facts

Games are more than just moving pictures on the screen. Talk about someone in your playgroup, a cool culture, or a real event in the game you are playing. The latest success or drama around a famous player, streamer, or developer is also a good choice. People seem most interested when they are told about something funny or exciting that happens in the game.

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